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Joe Carr, 3D Printing & Digital Manufacturing

digital manufacturingThe Runway's 411 Speaker Series is bringing in Joe Carr on Wednesday, Sept. 30 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. For those of you who have yet to see a 3D printer at work this will be a great opportunity to experience state of the art technology. For those of you that have some exposure to 3D printing Joe Carr is a wealth of information. He is a 3D printing veteran who helped start one of the world's first 3D printing retail stores.

The event will be held at The Runway and the cost to attend is $10. This is one speaker you will not want to miss. Be sure to register for the event here.

Hope to see you there! -Deanna

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See you Tuesday (a/k/a Fashionday!) at the Detroit Design Festival

detroit design festivalThe Detroit Design Festival kicks off tomorrow and runs through Saturday, Sept. 26. DDF 2015 will surely live up to its reputation for offering remarkable opportunities for inspiration and collaboration. For those of us who are particularly interested in fashion design, Tuesday, September 22, 2015 is the day you can’t miss at DDF. Check out all that DDF has to offer, particularly the Track 2 events. I hope that I will see you Tuesday at Wayne State University’s McGregor Conference Center: Read More ›

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Small Claims – If you like DIY, this is the Court for you!

Small Claims Court is aptly named- the current limit on the amount that you can recover from a Small Claims action is $5,500.  If you are owed a little more, you can choose to reduce your claim to $5,500 to take advantage of this simple and inexpensive process. 

Attorneys cannot file actions in Small Claims Court, and we cannot represent you in Small Claims Court once you’ve filed the action.  But if you like DIY, and don’t fear the risk of a paper cut, you can do this! Read More ›

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FTC Takes Legal Action Against Fraudulent Kickstarter Campaign

A drink cooler that doubles as a blender and stereo system. A card game called “Exploding Kittens” for “people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.” A motion picture starring Kristen Bell. These are a few of the inventions and initiatives that have received the most funding on Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding site.

Kickstarter is an online platform that allows project creators to seek financial backing. If people like a project, they can pledge money to make it happen. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing - a project must meet its funding goal to receive any money at all. Read More ›

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Make Your Mark - Defining and defending your brand with a trademark

brandingFor those of you that attended the first event in The Runway’s 411 Speaker Series, you've surely been thinking about Jen Guarino’s branding advice. We have the perfect follow up. Once you've worked hard to perfect your brand identity and you are ready to launch your business, how do you draw attention to and protect your brand? You need a trademark. 

I’ll be leading a panel of attorneys from Foster Swift’s Fashion and Design team, Fosterfashion, Sam Fredrick, Zack Behler and John Mashni, as we talk trademark. What is a trademark, when is DIY a good idea, when do you need an attorney, when should you invest in registering a trademark, and how do you benefit from enforcing your trademark? We will answer these questions and explain what you need to do before you commit to the name and logo that will represent your brand.

If you want to avoid costly mistakes and benefit from all of the effort that you’ve put into perfecting your brand identity, we look forward to seeing you today, on June 16! Register here. And thanks - your registration fees support The Runway!

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The Training Wage – Affordable help for you and resume worthy experience for the under 20 employee

experienceLike so many start-ups, Michigan fashion designers have, or will, experience that moment when they really, really need a hand but hyperventilate at the thought of paying an employee. You thought an unpaid intern was the answer, until you read Internships – A Teachable Moment. How do you respond when that eager student that still needs a summer internship sends you another email and tempts you with an offer to work without pay? A training wage may be the answer.  Read More ›

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Made In Michigan – Coming soon, to your closet?

Anyone who has spoken to me in the last two years about fashion law will attest to the fact that I am obsessed with the idea of developing a robust Michigan garment industry. For those of us who have not grown up in the New York garment district, it is difficult to comprehend all of the people and processes that are involved in a robust garment industry. Fortunately, I share my obsession with my daughter, who sent me a link to "Make it in America: Empowering Global Fashion" (2014). If you have an interest in what has happened to New York’s garment district, would like to hear from designers how important it is to have direct access to manufacturing and sourcing, or just wondered how your jeans were made, check it out here.

Made in America, made locally, made by hand – these have become value added descriptions of the clothes, shoes and accessories that we buy. I’d like to change the end of Make it in America, or be the first person to view Make it in America – Part II, to explore the success story that we Made in Michigan. 

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High End Imitation – High Praise or Harmful Piracy?

If you read my post on trade dress, you are familiar with my lament on the absence of statutory protection from design piracy. United States fashion designers must face the reality that the overall appearance of their garments and accessories can and will be copied.

My post touched on one form of self-help – the creation of a garment or accessory that is impossible to copy at a price point enticing to a design pirate. However, this form of self-help is of no use when you get the attention of a design pirate that is wearing very expensive shoes.   Read More ›

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The Power of Choice and the Importance of Informed Choice

The theme of Fordham Law’s recent Fashion Law Symposium was The Power of Fashion. None of us need to attend a symposium to know that the consumer has power – the clothing that we choose to buy influences what is made for future seasons. We are increasingly aware of how our choices influence where our clothing is made. Years of preferring to buy as much as possible at the lowest price drove a lot of garment manufacturing, and other manufacturers of consumer goods, out of the US.

Thankfully, we are seeing a big push in the other direction – buy less and buy smart. The smart consumer is not only looking for quality, they are also considering the effect of their purchase on their local market and the US workforce. This trend has laid the foundation for companies like Shinola Detroit to make quality goods right here at home. This trend will be a big player in the success of a growing Michigan garment manufacturing industry and other US “makers.”

What I did not know, until I attended the Symposium at Fordham, was the power of our social media choices on modeling. Did you know that when you choose to follow a model on Facebook or Twitter you are helping them land their next job? Fordham Law brought together a panel that included Coco Rocha (yes, the supermodel), Chris Gay of Elite World Group, and Melissa Wilhelmina Cooper to discuss the power of social media in the modeling industry. They wholeheartedly agreed that social media has dramatically changed their industry. Read More ›

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Fashion 411 Speaker Series – Lansing Welcomes Jen Guarino!

What a great way to start The Runway’s 411 Speaker Series!  If you’ve heard of Shinola Detroit (and surely you have), do not miss Jen Guarino’s May 6 presentation. Jen is the VP of Leather at Shinola and will address creating and maintaining a brand identity and marketing your company.

I cannot think of a cooler, more integrated brand identity and marketing strategy than Shinola’s. To learn from its example will be an excellent opportunity, and to learn it from Jen will be a special treat. She is, in my opinion, the rock star of Michigan’s maker movement.  

I hope to see you at The Runway on May 6. Fosterfashion plans to follow up the discussion of branding with the legal side of that topic – trademarking. If you can’t join us on May 6, check back here after that date for the specifics on our trademark presentation and workshop – so that you can Make Your Mark


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