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Showing 3 posts from November 2014.

A Good LLC Operating Agreement Can Avoid a Really Bad Court Case

Many of the designers that I counsel have formed limited liability companies (LLCs).  While this is a great first step in your life as an entrepreneur, have you addressed what will happen if … a member of the LLC wants out, files bankruptcy, or fails to make a required capital contribution?  What if your co-member is also an employee and you need to terminate their employment?  These and other “triggering events” need to be addressed in an operating agreement.  As the title to the linked article aptly explains, A Good LLC Operating Agreement Can Avoid a Really Bad Court Case.  If you formed a multi-member LLC, or you don’t plan to be a sole member LLC forever, please read the linked article written by my partner Andy Vredenburg. The benefits of having a good operating agreement are well worth the modest attorney fees that you will incur. Deanna

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Get it in Writing

If you are a designer you have ideas, you have talents, and you are very comfortable with do-it-yourself projects. But should you take the DIY route when you are entering into a contract? Why even bother to have a written agreement if you are dealing with someone that you trust? A written agreement is always a good idea – read on! Deanna Read More ›

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Don’t Men Wear Pantsuits?

PantsuitWhen we introduced this blog, we informed our readers that we will occasionally depart from the law and legal developments to inject our personal views on the intersection of fashion and culture. This post is purely personal commentary on fashion and culture.  Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to comment, -Deanna

At the risk of injecting a little politics, let’s talk about “the pantsuit.” I do my best to avoid Bill O’Reilly. I never like what he has to say, or even hearing his voice. He recently popped up when I was channel surfing, and a comment that he made regarding Hilary Rodham Clinton got my attention. O’Reilly was sure (he is always sure) that Clinton is buying truckloads of “pantsuits” in preparation for a campaign. I started thinking about the frequent, at least mildly derogative reference to Clinton’s “pantsuits.” I have purchased more than a few suits, some with pants, yet I’ve never set out to buy “a pantsuit.” Why, from the prospective of a professional woman, is it just a suit … maybe a suit with a skirt or a suit with pants, or maybe both, but just a suit? Guys wear suits with pants, and we just call them “suits.” But when a woman has political ambition she is called out for wearing a “pantsuit”? Read More ›

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