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Showing 2 posts from May 2015.

High End Imitation – High Praise or Harmful Piracy?

If you read my post on trade dress, you are familiar with my lament on the absence of statutory protection from design piracy. United States fashion designers must face the reality that the overall appearance of their garments and accessories can and will be copied.

My post touched on one form of self-help – the creation of a garment or accessory that is impossible to copy at a price point enticing to a design pirate. However, this form of self-help is of no use when you get the attention of a design pirate that is wearing very expensive shoes.   Read More ›

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The Power of Choice and the Importance of Informed Choice

The theme of Fordham Law’s recent Fashion Law Symposium was The Power of Fashion. None of us need to attend a symposium to know that the consumer has power – the clothing that we choose to buy influences what is made for future seasons. We are increasingly aware of how our choices influence where our clothing is made. Years of preferring to buy as much as possible at the lowest price drove a lot of garment manufacturing, and other manufacturers of consumer goods, out of the US.

Thankfully, we are seeing a big push in the other direction – buy less and buy smart. The smart consumer is not only looking for quality, they are also considering the effect of their purchase on their local market and the US workforce. This trend has laid the foundation for companies like Shinola Detroit to make quality goods right here at home. This trend will be a big player in the success of a growing Michigan garment manufacturing industry and other US “makers.”

What I did not know, until I attended the Symposium at Fordham, was the power of our social media choices on modeling. Did you know that when you choose to follow a model on Facebook or Twitter you are helping them land their next job? Fordham Law brought together a panel that included Coco Rocha (yes, the supermodel), Chris Gay of Elite World Group, and Melissa Wilhelmina Cooper to discuss the power of social media in the modeling industry. They wholeheartedly agreed that social media has dramatically changed their industry. Read More ›

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