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Have questions? Get Answers at M-Power Your Art – Tuesday, May 24, 5:00pm to 7:00pm

DetroitAt the invitation of Andrea Rosenfeld, of the Detroit Art and Business Institute (DABI), I will be one of five “experts” available to chat with you on Tuesday night at the “M-Power Your Art” event.  This event is one of many learning and networking opportunities available to attendees of Detroit Startup Week. Check all of them out, and register, here.

The other experts invited by DABI to answer the questions of the creative community, while you meet art & design entrepreneurs, include:

  1. Retail Sales Representative: Dana Saxon Owner, Vagabond Collections, LLC. 
  2. Art & Gallery Representative: Susan Kendrick 
  3. Merchandising/Display - Lauren Cohn MS, Lecturer, Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising, School of Visual and Built Environments, Eastern Michigan University 
  4. Web/SEO: Sean Yalda, Pitch Black Media 

This in an incredible opportunity to help your small business move down the right path and make great connections at this exciting event in Detroit. Be part of the education and collaboration. I hope to see you Tuesday night!

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